pronounced as /ˈkä-chï/
'derives its name from two concepts that reflect our belief in the power of creativity and energy'


'KA' represents the spiritual essence that can be imbued in a physical form, whether it's a statue, monument, or cinema. At KAQI, we believe that every creative project we undertake should have this spiritual element, elevating it to something that transcends the ordinary.


'QI' represents the energetic spectrum that exists within the universe, and every living organism has a unique vitality that contributes to this energy. At KAQI, we understand the importance of tapping into this energy to create content that resonates with audiences on a deep level.

KAQI is a powerhouse media agency that can handle anything and everything when it comes to media. We’re the ultimate problem-solvers, and we love a good challenge! Our team is made up of creatives and experts in branding, marketing, talent management, event and experience, and production. From creating captivating content to promoting it to the masses, we know how to make a splash. We take pride in our ability to help our clients build, grow, and conquer their audiences. Whether you’re a scrappy startup or a household name, we’re here to help you shine. At KAQI, we believe in going beyond the expected. We’re not satisfied with just meeting our clients’ goals—we want to exceed them. We’re not afraid to push boundaries, take risks, and try new things. We’re all about building lasting relationships with our clients, because when you succeed, we succeed. Ready to take your media game to the next level? Let KAQI be your partner in crime. We’ll work together to create something truly epic.