"Semi Automatic Butane" - Mali's Raw Dive into Addiction and Rebellion


Music that lights a fire within, not from a cigarette, but from within the soul.

In the heart of an unforgettable summer night in 2021, where music, laughter, and a smoky ambience collided, Mali's "Semi Automatic Butane" was born. It emerged from a moment of electric intensity, much like the blazing flame of a lighter, set not for a cigarette but as a spark of inspiration.

Imagine a room brimming with characters from diverse walks of life, each holding their unique tales and secrets. Amidst this vibrant gathering stood a figure with an unruly mane of hair, thirsting for adventure. Little did he know that the adventure would come to him in a seemingly ordinary cigarette. With a swift flick, the room was engulfed in an almost otherworldly blue-yellow blaze as a burst of semi-automatic butane ignited. Every eye in the room was drawn to this fiery spectacle, which unknowingly became the muse for Mali's newest song.

"Semi Automatic Butane" isn't a song to endorse or glorify smoking; it's a lyrical journey into the human psyche. It's an edgy, rebellious alt-pop anthem that intertwines the theme of addiction with our own impulse-driven tendencies. This track crackles with raw, pulsating energy, where punchy rhythms and a catchy melody blend into a tapestry of gritty sound.

The song's lyrics navigate the labyrinth of addiction, while the music keeps your heart racing. Written and composed by Mali herself, the track features a talented ensemble: JJ on drums, Keshav Dhar on guitars and bass, Aria Nanji on backing vocals, and Mali handling acoustic guitar and synths. Keshav Dhar also takes on the role of producer and mixer, and Forrester Savell mastered the track ensuring it's nothing short of a sonic masterpiece.

But Mali's music isn't just an auditory experience; it's also a visual one. The music video, brilliantly directed and produced by Naman Saraiya, complements the intensity of the song. Saumit Deshpande's cinematography work breathe life into this electrifying anthem. The video was shot against the rustic backdrop of Jawai, Rajasthan, during two adventure-filled days, capturing the essence of rebellion. An additional day of shooting took place in the bustling streets of Mumbai, providing a striking contrast to the rural beauty of Jawai.

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Mali's musical journey is about celebrating the unity in our diversity, and her latest release, "Semi Automatic Butane," is another brilliant stroke in this symphonic tapestry. So, let the music ignite your soul, and together, we'll discover the magic it holds.

Let the music be your guide.

Semi Automatic Butane